I Am An Atheist: This is my story!



Heres a new book from a guy called Chris Wilhem which I really recommend anyone interested in atheism to read.

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Let me first give you a brief introduction of myself. I am not an extraordinary person. Much like you, I was born and raised in this world, with parents telling me that there is someone who takes care of us all and that someone is God. People used to tell me that God has created everything, and well they said he did it in just seven days. For some reason, the entire phenomenon of God didn’t sit well with me.

You may ask why? It’s not because I was a satanic kid or that I found pleasure in denying God, like some people out there do. However, my reason was simple; if there is God then where is he? I know there are a lot of answers to that question such as he is invisible or if he makes himself visible the entire universe will become dust and so on. Still, I couldn’t accept.

2 thoughts on “I Am An Atheist: This is my story!

  1. When I was 8 years old, it seemed to me that God and Santa Claus must be brothers: two old guys with long whiter beards, living up in the sky, “know if you’ve been bad or good.” Shortly thereafter I learned that Santa is really your parents. It was obvious to me that if Santa was not real, his brother was not, either.

  2. Love it! When I was a little mutt they tried to tell me about Santa. I was absolutely repugnant, I refused to believe that anyone could hit every chimney. Then a few months later the same questionable sisters told me about Easter (Hey Zeus), I did not believe the god lie either.
    Can anyone find a difference between god and Santa?

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